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Turnwright Construction

 Custom Residential Building & Renovation & Preservation


"The carpenter and the mason have different calluses." ~Dundas

Turnwright Construction is the natural result of a lifetime of training and experience over the last 45 years. John McKinney began his career in the footers of his father's construction company picking rocks over 40 years ago. Since then he has pursued the highest quality of carpentry work and the accumulation of experience in all of the building trades. He has a slightly obsessive attention to detail; always knowing that there is a right way to solve a problem or to finish a task. John is known best for his ability to foresee and prevent problems, his vast knowledge of the various aspects of construction and the applicable codes, and the ability to know how all of the parts must fit together to create the final product.

Dylan Gough was known as one of the hardest working masonry artists in the Asheville area. Dylan began his masonry career 15 years ago and has created a reputation of quality that has made him the preferred mason of several luxury contractors for more than 10 years. During this time, Dylan also apprenticed with John to increase his woodworking skills and overall knowledge of the various areas of construction. He brings his work ethic and desire to produce artisan quality work to every project that he encounters. He is known for his reliability and efficiency on the job and producing amazing results. 

After having worked together on several millwork and remodel projects, John and Dylan realized that by combining their individual efforts and knowledge base they could provide their customers with a full range of services that would be executed to the highest standard with the greatest continuity. 
So became Turnwright Construction, we welcome you to get to know us better and let us share with you our founding principles:

Quality. Reliability. Artistry.